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Davide Adamo


A.m.M. - International Mountain Leader

Something about me!


Experience hiking consciously! Davide Adamo your Alpine Virgilio!

Davide Adamo hiking guide

Davide Adamo hiking guide

I am Davide Adamo, I was born in 1974 in a small countryside town near Milan, when Rolling Stones were playing on the radio "It's only Rock 'n' Roll". I  spent my childhood holidays on the sea in Sicily where my relatives lived. During the 1987 summer I went on mountains holiday in Valle d'Aosta and I fell in love with them.

During the teen ages I had other priority in my life: friends, girlfriends, parties ecc... . As soon as I grew up in my twenties I rediscovered my big passion for mountain! Now "mountain" became job, even in my vacation I always end up trekking somewhere.

I am an experienced International Mountain Leader registered in Guide Alpine Lombardia (Lombardy Mountain Guide) and UIMLA. I've "walked" most of the italian alpine footpaths during week-ends thanks to the Milan position in the centre of padana plain and very close to most of the alpine area and northern mediterranean. I've also been abroad from Pyrenees to Nepal visiting astonishing moutains and countries, but my hearth is always in my lovely Italy.

I love my job because I can create awareness of nature, culture and beauty of Italian mountains while trekking. Most people do trekking without giving lots of importance about things like zoology or geology or simply without conciusness of the local culture. Doing trekking with a local guide gives you the possibility to plonge into italian culture as you haven't done before. That's the adding value to your holiday

In my trekking tours or hikings you will find short and interesting tellings of what you are seeing while trekking, giving importance to flowers, plants, wildlife, legends, typical regional food, etc... Doing trekking with me not only will you have a competent and professional guide but also a travel mate to share fun and carefree days, as well as holidays have to be.


01 DavideAdamo

Adamo Davide

This is me!

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Giving you the best service

Bivouac life is very essential, but I will make sure you are comfortable.

Funny moments

Funny moment

Trekker's life is not only made of hard times, there are also funny moments when things are not very funny .... the rain!

02 AdamoDavide spiegone2 300

Explaining nature!

During your trekking I will give you information about nature and culture of the place we are visiting



I love photography so after every trekking you will receive a complete set of pictures of our trek. Take it easy and relax!

03 AdamoDavide spiegone 300

The "Spiegone"! what does that means?

Spiegone it is a words I've invented to define the moment I talk about nature... more and less like David Attenborough! During some of our Refuge stay I will show you pics about mountains.... don't be afraid this will only happen when the wheather is not good!


Exploring before taking you around!

All trekking I propose are tested before, I know every inch and stone!


 Davide Adamo - A.m.M Guide Alpine Lombardia - Int. Mountain Leader
     Via Monte Rosa 40
     20081 ABBIATEGRASSO (MI), Italy
 Tel.: +39 347 38 63 474
 Email: info@trekupitaly.com

Member of:

Amm Lombardia UIMLA

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