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On top of Zucco di Sileggio

Hiking on a summit with a stunning panorama

The great lakes of northern Italy are excellent destinations for hiking in spring and autumn.

Today we are on Lecco shore of Lake Como about one hour drive from Milan. Our itinerary starts from Mandello del Lario, a well known village all over the world because there is the Moto Guzzi factory.

The path leading to the Zucco di Sileggio is steep and the difference in height is about 1000 meters. Fortunately the route is not difficult and the climb is always constant where, once you get the right pace, you can climb optimizing the effort!

I meet with the group in a bar to have a small breakfast with cappuccino and a good brioche and then we go up with the car to the highest hamlet of Mandello del Lario.

We walk along the streets of the old village among the typical stone houses and after a few steps we start climbing along the steepy path. The first part of the route is in a beautiful broad-leaved wood that occasionally allows us to see some panorama towards the lake.

Lake Como and Lecco

Along the climb we take a few short breaks to drink and catch our breath visiting some small caves. The whole area of Grigne is rich in caves and karst as the rocks are calcareous.

After 2 hours and a half walking we finally reach the top of Zucco di Sileggio where we can enjoy the beautiful panorama in a mild day.

We descent following a different path going down into a beautiful valley where there are several pastures at the foot of the Northern Grigna.

The top of Grigna is still full of snow and the landscape is enchanting while at the bottom where we are the lampascioni, a small wild onion with a bitter taste, begin to bloom.

After a long trail through the woods we return to Mandello del Lario.

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