The season of colors!


Come to admire and discover the best autumn colors you have ever experinced! Larches, beeches and prairies wait for you, while on the mediterranean regions you can still have "summer" trekking with the good climate!

Autumn in Northern Italy is the season of colors! 

For many hikers is a second summer! The days are shorter, many huts close but it is always possible to go hiking because in the valleys there are often several accommodations or you can take advantage of the bivouacs on the mountains.

Autumn is magic: larches are tinged with intense yellow, the sky in the beautiful days is clear giving endless views. The atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation that you breathe wandering through trails in this period is something unique and precious. As for spring, autumn is the season where rainfall can happen more frequently, but luckily this does not happen continuously and persistently.

In autumn you can go trekking from the high mountains, snow permitting, to the sea because the climate at high altitude is still relatively mild and on the Ligurian coast instead the temperatures are cooler and you can walk with pleasant temperatures still enjoying blooms and scents.

Autumn, for example, is the best season to discover the Valgrande National Park in Piedmont, or taking photography in the beautiful larch forests of Alpe Veglia and Devero Nature Parks. Walking in Gran Paradiso National Park you can have the best possibility to see animals such as ibex, chamois or fox as the trails of the reserve are much less frequented. Aosta Valley has few tourists and you can find idyllic and solitary places in the presence of Monte Rosa or Mont Blanc. In Lombardy Valmalenco and Valmasino are a treasure trove of beauty and colors with solitary paths through beautiful forests.

Whatever is your autumn desire of trekking or active holiday in the mountains, Trekupitaly is able to offer you all the routed tailored as you wish and letting you know the beauty of Italian mountains.



Here you can find a random selection of autumn activity you can do with trekupitaly. For more proposals go to: TREKKING HOLIDAYS page or DAILY HIKE. Remember that you can always ask for a tailor made trekking or day hike, just contact me!

A loop hike between mediterranean wood and sea cliff. This path takes place in Sestri Levante, 35 Km east Genova. It is only 2h drive from Milan or Malpensa Airport. We will do a fantastic and easy mediterranean walk with a marvellous view

Trek area: Liguria
Elev. Gain: 580
Difficulty: T2 - Mountain hike
Physical Effort: Medium to low


Path of Gods, Via degli Dei in Italian, is an ancient route connecting the cities of Bologna and Firenze through the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines as well as retracing parts of the ancient Flaminia Military Roman Road. This path is a mix between a walking trail and a real trekking.


Trek area: Emilia Romagna, Tuscany
Elev. Gain: 900
Difficulty: T2 - Mountain hike
Physical Effort: Medium


This trekking takes place just above domodossola near Lake Maggiore, only 1h 30 min drive from Milan or 1h from Malpensa Airport. You can easily reach Domodossola by train and this trekking lasts two walking days.

Trek area: Piedmont, North Piedmont
Elev. Gain: 1100
Difficulty: T2 - Mountain hike
Physical Effort: Medium