The "high altitude" season!


Come to north Italy, the best place in the Alps to discover mountains! Hiking, multi-day trekking and holidays in the centre of Europe!

Summer is the "high altitude" season!

In Italy, the Alps offer itineraries for everyone, from simple walks in the presence of imposing glaciers to long and challenging treks of several days between mountain pastures, rocks and ice. In summer nature is in full activity, wild animals are busy stocking food, it will be fantastic to observe and hear for example marmots with their unmistakable cry or see chamois move in small pack, or simply follow the eagles hovering in the blue skies or have the good fortune to spot a bearded vulture.

The alternatives to the chaotic Dolomites are Piedmont with its wonderful mountains where you can still find beautiful and not crowded valleys, Lombardy with its beautiful and rocky Rhaetian Alps and Aosta Valley with the highest mountains of Europe. The north-west of Italy is the cradle of the great mountains, high, green and with a huge variety of rocks and minerals. You can choose naturalistic and cultural hikes and for the more sporty, challenging paths. You can do everything in a single excursion and in a single day or dedicate yourself to a week of relaxation, physical activity and culture, or even in a weekend combine the pleasure of a little trekking with the genuine and rustic flavors that Italian mountain huts can offer.

Whatever is your physical training and desire to walk, there are paths, refuges and peaks to climb. Look at the proposals of Trekupitaly and if you do not find the one that suits you, contact me and we will find together the best solution for you and your group or family.

Are you a single person? It is also possible to have a personalized itinerary, in this case the advantage will be the possibility to choose what you really want to do!

Whatever is your desire for trekking or active holidays in the mountains, Trekupitaly is able to offer you all the routes tailored as you wish and letting you know the beauty of Italian mountains.



Here you can find a random selection of summer activity you can do with trekupitaly. For more proposals go to: TREKKING HOLIDAYS page or DAILY HIKE. Remember that you can always ask for a tailor made trekking or day hike, just contact me!

The first mountains of eastern Piedmont are situated less than 1 hour drive from Milan. With a little more driving you can reach wonderful places around Lake Maggiore like Alpe Devero, Fromazza Valley and all their natural park, you can reach the beautiful and lonely Valsesia or the panoramic mountains of Biella.

Trek area: Piedmont, North Piedmont, Lake Maggiore, Valgrande national park, Veglia Devero natural park, Valsesia and Biella, Gran Paradiso Park
Elev. Gain: 300
Difficulty: To be defined
Physical Effort: To be defined


This trekking takes place just above domodossola near Lake Maggiore, only 1h 30 min drive from Milan or 1h from Malpensa Airport. You can easily reach Domodossola by train and this trekking lasts two walking days.

Trek area: Piedmont, North Piedmont
Elev. Gain: 1100
Difficulty: T2 - Mountain hike
Physical Effort: Medium


A loop hike between mediterranean wood and sea cliff. This path takes place in Sestri Levante, 35 Km east Genova. It is only 2h drive from Milan or Malpensa Airport. We will do a fantastic and easy mediterranean walk with a marvellous view

Trek area: Liguria
Elev. Gain: 580
Difficulty: T2 - Mountain hike
Physical Effort: Medium to low