Valgrande Mottac ring


Panoramic and wild trekking in the Valgrande National Park

  • Price €: € 490,00

This trekking takes place just above domodossola near Lake Maggiore, only 1h 30 min drive from Milan or 1h from Malpensa Airport. You can easily reach Domodossola by train and this trekking lasts two walking days.


  • TREK AREA: Piedmont, North Piedmont
  • SEASON: Summer, Autumn
  • DURATION (days): 2
  • HIKING DIFFICULTY: T2 - Mountain hike
  • MAX ALTITUDE (meters): : 2220
  • ELEVATION GAIN (meters): : 1100
  • PEOPLE MIN.: 2
  • PEOPLE MAX:: 4

The Valgrande National Park is the largest wilderness area in Italy. Once this mountain area was populated by shepherds and woodcutters and the appearance of the valley was very different from now. Then industrialization with the most comfortable and safe work and the two great wars led to the sudden abandonment of these valleys near Lake Maggiore. Since then everything has stood still in time and it is still possible to see villages frozen in time while nature has reclaimed its rightful home.
During this short trekking you will sleep one night in a bivouac with basic accommodation where you have to bring a sleeping bag and a mattress because you sleep on the floor. We will live a full experience in contact with the wild.
This trek runs along the most scenic ridges of the National Park with views of Ossolan peaks of Devero, Formazza and Vigezzo valleys and we will have a privileged view on many Swiss peaks of over 4000 m high. We will pass through solitary pastures, will climb a summit with a great panorama, will walk lonely paths where it is more to see chamois than humans! We will discover a stairway carved, by man, in the rock to allow the passage of the herds.
It will be an unforgettable experience!
This trekking has a duration of 2 walking days plus two days for arrival/departure and transfer.
The accommodation is in bivouac, you need to have a sleeping bag and a folding mat (rent possibility). The dinner is self-managed in bivouac where there is only a stove. The guide will take food and cook it so that you can enjoy the view and relax in the bivouac.
This trekking has a medium difficulty, but you need adaptive spirit and habit to carry a heavy backpack throughout the day.


TrontanoPastures over Trontano
Basagrana passMonterosa seen from Basagrana Pass
MottacMottac bivuac
RidgeRagozzale pastures


Indicative schedule


  • Day 1:Arrival in Milan Malpensa airports, transfer by private transport (taxi or minibuis) to Domodossola (VB). Accomodation and briefing, welcome drink and typical dinner.
    Accomodation: Hotel, Half board
  • Day 2:From Trontano to Bivouac Mottac: From trontano we will follow a path inside a splendid beech forest, we will pass some pastures and go up towards the Valgrande main ridge. Out of the woods we will have views and lush vegetation. Some part of the trail will be steepy while others more rocky. After a long and plain crossing we will reach the last steepy climb to the pass. Now we enter the silence of the valgrande! We walk along the narrow trail at the foot of Pizzo Tignolino, one of the highest peaks of the valgrande National Park, we pass through a ridge and descend into a beautiful larch forest. After the forest we are in the nature reserve of Mottac where our bivouac is located.
    Accomodation: Bivouac, self-made dinner
    Distance: 10 Km - Difficulty: medium – Altitude gain/loss: 1100 m up 500 m down – walking hours: 5
  • Day 3:From Bivouac Mottac to Trontano: We leave the bivouac after breakfast early in the morning, We climb the ridge we rode the day before and then we will walk a path across steep meadows. From here you can see the inner, deep and wild Valgrande valley with its large beech woods. We will reach the Alpe Ragozzale from where we can climb the top of the Testa di Menta with its impressive panorama on the Valgrande with the Pedum Peak and on all Valais 4000m high peaks and Monte Rosa. Back to the alpine pasture we will descend the“Scala del Ragozzale”, a stairway carved by man in the rock to allow the passage of the herds for the transhumance. After this suggestive pass we will walk through beautiful and scenic pastures, larch woods and finally the beech forest to Trontano. Then to domodossola by public transport or taxi.
    Accomodation: Hotel, Half board
    Distance: 11 Km - Difficulty: Medium - Altitude gain/loss: 500 m up + 1.100 m down – walking hours: 5
  • Day 4: Transfer from Domodossola to airport by private transport: tranfer to Malpensa airport (2 h)